Build a fantastic video game!

Build a fantastic video game!

You must consider several factors when developing a great game if you want it to stand out in a market saturated with fantastic game designs. Below is a list of the critical factors that must be considered when creating a good game.

Game graphics

Many people believe that the best-looking video games are the best video games. Even if your game has fantastic graphics, it won’t be wonderful if the fun doesn’t live up to expectations in other areas. It’s safe to say that when combined with other equally important game design features, superior graphics can provide a game advantage over rivals with inferior graphics. Examples include the visually magnificent locales in games like Halo, Myst, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, and Star Wars. These are but a few of the many games that qualify as having excellent aesthetics. Therefore, we can safely claim that while having great graphics is a quality fundamental to a good game, it must be supported by other equally crucial components.


The purpose of playing the game, the objective to be accomplished, and potential interactions between game elements, such as items or non-playable characters, are all covered by this factor, which is also an important game design feature. Even though a game needs solid gameplay and a compelling plot, these elements alone won’t make it great. However, when combined with superb graphics, these two elements will provide a fun advantage over the competition. We can see when we contrast the games “Tetris” and “Final Fantasy” that gameplay may be a very basic or highly complex process and make a fantastic game. Both games were massive hits on many people’s lists of the best fun they’ve had. We won’t go into detail here, but the game has several components that go into the overall gameplay factor.

A game’s audio

Game sound is almost equally crucial to game design as game graphics. The aural design of a game can affect how enjoyable it is. Examples of this can be found in several early classics, such as Zelda or the classic Atari game Frogger. Many of us may remember a classic game’s soundtrack with fantastic clarity. Even though some of them were taxing, most were catchy and captivating. As we progress through gaming history, we come across games like FEAR and Silent Hill that primarily rely on the audio experience. The games wouldn’t be as great as they are now if the audio was lower quality. And thus, once more, we find that for a game to be a good game, it must also include yet another essential component.

In terms of playability:

This component of game design has advanced significantly over time as the goals and objectives of our games have changed and become more sophisticated. I’ll demonstrate this point using the development of the classic video game “Tetris.” The ultimate goal is to outperform the top score, whether accomplished through a higher score, a longer survival duration, more extraordinary game advancement, or any other means of score growth. The idea of strategy games—in which a player’s decision influences how the game will progress—led to more complex replayability in game designs throughout subsequent game history. Games of this genre, such as LOTR, which allows you to play through every level as the bad guy after playing the game as the good guy, are among the best in gaming history and provide outstanding instances of sophisticated Re Playability models. Some of the more recent Star Wars games, including the well-known game “Deus Ex – Invisible War,” exhibit a different kind of replayability in that the player’s choices impact the plot. This implies that you can choose various actions each time you play the game, activities that don’t always result in death but change how the player interacts with the tale.

Additional elements

Here are a few minor features that can be used with the abovementioned components to improve a game’s caliber further. First and foremost is character development. As you progress in the game, your opponents should become more demanding and complex. Because the enemies progressively get stronger, you want your character to grow along with them. The better games provide you access to an extensive range of character parts that you can alter, tweak, enhance, etc., to further develop your character’s abilities. Players can add a more personal touch and evoke a feeling they can relate to by adding this to their character.